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Research Ecology – Counting Bird Population

Bird population monitoring requires accurate estimates of the number of individuals in a group. But achieving accurate counts when the target individuals are mobile, tightly packed and on remote islands is particularly tough!
A potential solution? Obtaining high resolution photographs of these locations, stitching them together to make a mosaic and then counting the number of target birds. Australian based Research Ecology have done the flying and their pros have counted the birds in the field. Can you prove them wrong? All you need is a computer, Adobe Photoshop and the passion to support Australian wildlife conservation.
This project will contribute to their study to determine if non-specialised counters can estimate numbers consistently or better than ground based counting professionals.  If it works, this technique could allow for cost effective counts of even the hardest colonies while causing minimal disturbance to wildlife.
Get in touch with them (contact details are included on their website) and they’ll send you the high resolution files and how-to instructions.  Each colony will take around 30 minutes to count…complete as many as you like.


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