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Spot A Ladybug – Recording Ladybug Observations

US based Spot a Ladybug is designed for the non-scientific community to collect data about a specific type of Ladybug called the Harlequin Ladybug. This type of Ladybug can be quite different to the more widespread red winged / black spot ladybug, as their colours can range from red, yellow, orange, and even black. The only way to tell these ladybugs apart from other types of ladybugs is the “M” on their head region, a picture of which is provided on the website.
The most likely places to find such insects is detailed on the website, and when one is found, it’s details can be submitted via the online ‘Ladybug Sighting Information’ form.
The project is part of a research study looking at the link between phenotypes – the way different organisms look – and DNA. It’s suitable for both adults and children alike to participate in, where the researcher behind the project welcomes information about sightings from anywhere in the world.


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