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The Cure – Beating Cancer By Playing Cards!

Using the latest technology researchers can now assess the activity level of more than 20,000 known human genes and identify literally millions of variations in every human genome. The challenge now is to make use of all of this data. For example, if a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer we would like to be able to predict whether the cancer will metastasize and how quickly because we can use this information to make decisions about treatment – e.g. whether or not she should receive chemotherapy.
The Cure is a serious, biology-based card game. Assemble the best hands and you can win – just like poker. The challenge with The Cure is that the rules aren’t known yet! Until you play, the game can’t tell you if you have the equivalent of a royal flush or a pair of 2s. By playing the game, you will be both teaching and learning the rules of nature.
Suitable for people with a knowledge (or an interest in learning about) cancer biology.


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