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The Dragonfly Swarm Project

Dragonflies swarm in 2 distinct patterns – static feeding swarms (the dragonflies fly repeatedly over a well-defined area and fairly close to the ground, usually feeding on clouds of small insects) and migratory swarms (hundreds to millions of dragonflies flying in a single direction in massive groups, often 50-100 feet above the ground). Not much is known about how often these swarm instances occur – they are incredibly ephemeral events.  You have to be in the right place at the right time to see one and many people will go their entire lives without ever witnessing a swarm.
The Dragonfly Swarm Project is amassing data from publicly submitted reports about how common (or rare) these swarm instances are. If you’ve spotted a dragonfly swarm, then submit your sighting via the online form. Data will be collated into a publicly viewable report, that helps to expand the knowledge of dragonflies.
Whilst the data submitted is US focussed, sightings can be reported from anywhere in the world.


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