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VocaliD – Donate Your Voice

In the United States alone, there are 2.5 Million Americans with severe speech impediments. Many of these people use synthetic computerized voices to communicate. There is an extremely limited number of synthetic voices available. This amounts to millions of people worldwide using voices that are incompatible with their identities. By recording your voice, you can help VocaliD to engineer synthetic voices for these people that are as similar as possible to the speaker’s identity.
Surrogate voices are selected to resemble the target talker in things like age, gender, height, and vocal characteristics. The outcome is a synthetic voice that possess all of the vocal identity of the target talker. Your voice may also spark new discoveries and innovations in speech technologies, biometrics and health diagnostics.
All you need to take part in this activity is an internet connection, a microphone, and a quiet room. The action will require you to record 3 – 4 hours of speech, which can be broken up into 15-20 minute chunks.


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