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Weddings 4 Good Causes


There is an increasing trend for the couple-to-be to forfeit presents from their guests, in lieu of money donations to a charity. But what if guests were invited to donate their time, instead of money to worthy causes. Wouldn’t it make your wedding just that little bit different, and be remembered by guests for years to come?

We urge you to create some happy smiles around the world – whilst you create yours!

Did You Know!
Over 22 million weddings were held around the world in 2002. If all those weddings invited their guests to donate a collective total of just 10 minutes worth of microvolunteering, it would equate to just under 420 years volunteered – just imagine how many happy days that would make!
Source: UN Stats Dept

Before Your Wedding Day

Inform your guests that you will be inviting them to donate about a minute or two of their time on your wedding day. This donation of time could be in addition to or in lieu of your wedding list or monetary donations

On the actual day, you will need to organise:

Micro-Action cards. To be printed off and handed out to guests on your wedding day. Each card mentions a specific action and the type of impact they will have. Click the button below to freely download these cards and print off

Micro-Action Cards

a laptop / tablet and internet access. Guests will be participating in micro-actions online. These actions can be accessed via a dedicated webpage by clicking the button below. Each action will have a matching number on the card and webpage.

a Moderator. A person who stays by the laptop, receives guests Micro-Action cards, co-ordinates the guests to perform the action. S/he will need to have a degree of prior familiarity as to how an action works – usually just point-and-click!

Micro-Actions Webpage

lollipops! To be handed out to guests upon completion of an action. Lollipops are suggested, as they can be a highly visible way of showing others that a good deed has been done, whilst acting as a nice little reward to your guest. Of course, it’s up to you if you wish to choose an alternative.

On Your Wedding Day

Ensure Moderator is available, laptop is set up, Micro-Action Cards printed, and lollipops (or alternative) bought

Announce to your invited guests how their donation of time is going to work. You will need to decide when that is going to happen. Also announce that a free lollipop will be rewarded for a good deed done

Hand out Micro-Action Cards randomly or invite guests to visit the ‘Donation Station’ (the laptop / Moderator) and pick one up at their convenience

Guests hand over their card to the Moderator, who visits the Micro-Action Webpage mentioned above and clicks on the action that matches the corresponding number on the Micro-Action card

Guests complete the action, according to very simple instructions written on the card, usually just point-and-click and will take between 10 seconds to 2 minutes to complete

Upon completion of an action, Moderator hands over lollipop to guest

Thank your guests for donating mini moments of glorious goodness!! It’s up to you if you wish to do this though.

Time at a Glance
You: a couple of hours before your wedding, to arrange things
Moderator: 1 – 2 hours on your wedding day, co-ordinating people donating their time
Guests: 1 – 2 minutes on your wedding day, actually donating their time

Have a great Wedding Day!!